Spreadex Casino Review

This casino is not recommended, here are a few other recommended casinos you should try.

Are you ready to take the next step in your gaming and enter a fabulous casino? Spreadex Casino is an excellent place for players who want their sports betting skills to be used at online casinos. The site has both popular games from well-known providers as well as some of its own original creations, so there’s something here for everyone! You’ll need funds that come with the many promotions that are available through other parts of the site (sportsbook or live dealer) before being able to use them on this new platform though. With time we hope this will change too – but it means even more variety when playing poker, blackjack and roulette!

Are you looking for another exciting adventure after mastering all those challenges offered by our

Spreadex Ltd. has been operating since 2011, and is based in St Albans Hertfordshire. The company currently enjoys a Class II license from the Alderney Gambling Control Commission which means it can offer its casino feature online to players across Europe including Ireland, France, Italy and Sweden.

Spreadex Ltd., with their affiliate Spreaex Casino Online that operates out of Birmingham England – had an official launch on September 14th 2009 after two years spent developing their software under close supervision by experienced Italians at GameTech SRL where they also developed other projects such as “Live Games” for casinos all over Europe before finally releasing it into Beta-testing mode eleven days later during October 2010 when there were already

Spreadex Casino Casino VIP

Spreadex Casino is the only casino that offers its players a choice of any one of these high-end gadgets for just £ 300.

What’s great about SpreeDEX is it rewards players regardless if they’ve had their account long or not. An example of an excellent reward program is when player can choose from a list o’ latest gizmos by betting on any football spread markets in the site worth £300 (in other words, you need to deposit at least this much). Name another online casino with such an offer? Right! There aren’t ANY because each has different bonuses and promotions but there are none like ours which have what we call our iPad Air Offer: for every bet over $10,000 dollars

Bonuses Promotions

The Spreadex sports betting site is a fun, new place to look for interesting bets. They don’t just offer standard wagers on one team or another winning. You can bet that the spread will either be higher than it was at kickoff time or lower! This has other names like “over” and “under”. The best part? Players get £200 in complimentary bonus cash as soon as they sign up with their welcome bonus promo code – so you could go from zero winnings to 200 pounds simply by making five qualifying bets of your own!

A good spot for all types of entertainment buffs out there is Spreadex Sports Betting Site. With this practical website’s exciting offerings, players have tons more options when deciding

The amount of bonus money you can earn depends on which market has the best odds. The £ 100 Supremacy bet for Football is an enticing option, with a 10 qualifying sports spread bets giving players their second complimentary Betfair Sports Spreads Market offer.


Spreadex is proud to offer players the ability to bypass traditional banking options by allowing them access a way of betting that does not require any type of financial transfer. With this option, you can start playing as soon as your account has been created and set up with credit on it!

The site also accepts account deposits through cheque, direct bank transfer, or personal debit/credit cards. These options are for people who want to keep their money in the safest place possible while earning an excellent rate of return on it!


The casino has games that fit everyone’s tastes like Blackjack, Texas Hold’em Bonus and Baccarat. If you are looking for a Live Dealer game then look no further because the Casino Stud Poker is perfect to play live with real professionals giving them out! There are also card games like Euro Blackjack or even Paigow poker if your lucky enough to find it on there site.

Popular slots such as Batman, Aladdin’s Legacy, Amazon Adventure and Captain Nemo are among the many games that can be played at this casino.

Loyalty Rewards VIP

Spreadex is an online gambling site that offers a unique rewards program, giving players the chance to receive their choice of one of four amazing prizes. Players can win either the iPad Air Offer or any other type from this list: Toshiba Notebook, Sony 32” HD TV, and PlayStation 4.

Customer Service

Spreadex is the leading spread betting firm in the industry and has garnered awards for its customer service. They offer a hotline, local landline number, as well as an overseas one so that all players can get help with their accounts at any time. You may also contact them through email if you prefer to do it from your own home or office!

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If you’re into sports or financial betting but would also like to try playing casino games on the side then Spreadex is for you. With one of the most secure deposit and withdrawal processes, recognition as having arguably the best customer service solutions for their players, a lot of reasons (bonuses and promotions) why joining should be your next move such as being able to use funds from your winnings/balance account in order to play – it’s hard not see how this site can’t do anything less than satisfy!

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Yes, Spreadex Casino has a gaming license.

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Yes, Spreadex Casino has lots of live dealer games

Spreadex Casino is a casino that does not take any cryptocurrency, has no live chat support and offers poker games. PayPal isn’t accepted either by the site so it’s only for hardcore gamblers who can most likely afford to lose their money anyways!