Seo Tips For New Zealand Businesses

As part of my small business SEO packages, I examine website performance metrics and provide advice accordingly. If you find all this overwhelming or beyond your technical abilities, please contact the best local SEO company to get assistance. Ranking calculations will now incorporate Google’s “core Web Vitals” starting 21 May 2021. The Free plan comes with a limit but premium plan offers complete image compression. Even Google uses speed test to evaluate the performance of a website and ranks it according to its response time in addition to other SEO factors. It is essential to improve your website’s loading speeds.

  • The truth is, 1 second seems to drag on when a page is loading.
  • To check if your cache has an expiration date, use a tool such as YSlow
  • This is how large companies such as Netflix and YouTube are able to deliver such high-quality videos seemingly instantaneously.
  • Previously Kiwi Web Works, Innovate Digital are 100% kiwi owned and operated, with more than 12 years experience helping kiwis grow
  • Outdated WordPress versions are vulnerable to security threats.

Our websites are optimized for speed and are hosted on high-frequency servers. Customers don’t like slow-loading sites, and neither does Google. Uploading images directly from your phone or camera is a great way to reduce page load times. Your website software may not function like social media sites. Images are automatically resized or compressed. A CDN, or Content Delivery Network, is a way to deliver your images to visitors closer to their location than your main website. Copy of your site images and other performance-related files are moved to multiple “edge” locations around the globe.

How To Improve Core Web Vitals Seo Performance?

It increases performance by reducing load times and bandwidth usage in areas that don’t change often. Minification is the process of removing white space, comments, unused code and formatting from your files. Read more about describes it here. We’ve all been hit with the frustration of trying to access a website that just won’t load.

We have premium features and optimizations built-in from top-to-bottom with no need to upgrade or use extra plug-ins. Some are designed specifically for WordPress, while others are not. Those made for WordPress differ greatly in performance due to the limitations of the technology behind them.

Use Browser Caching

This Image Optimiser is both simple to use and also allows the user to optimise old images in bulk. Upload large images to optimize your images before you upload them. Instead, resize them. Reducing the file size of your photos before you upload them onto your ecommerce site will help reduce the digital space your pictures take. Caching refers to the act of storing data from a website, app or another type of online resource for later use.

Having a solid framework or theme for your WordPress website is another important factor which greatly affects your website’s speed. You can continue speed testing using the same tool you used in the beginning. Make sure that you stick with the same tool to compare apples with apples.