Real Estate Agents in South Auckland

South Auckland realty agents can help you sell or buy a property. They will not only help find the right home for you, but also make the process simpler.

Tom McCartney

Tom McCartney has the expertise to help you, whether you are looking to buy your first house or sell it. He can ensure that your real estate transactions go smoothly. He can also give expert advice on financing.

Tom McCartney started out as an independent thinker at a young age. He worked for many years in South Auckland as a builder, and then managed his own tenants. He is also not a stranger to rugby. He has been involved for 15 years in professional rugby.

McCartney’s team assigns him two agents, which means he provides excellent service and clear guidance for his clients. He is an expert of the South Auckland real estate market and will guide you to the best possible results.

Tom has been nominated as a Westpac Waitakere Enterprise Award nominee. He also sponsors Glen Eden Bowling Club. He has been invited to sit on the panel for the Real Estate Institute Superstars Breakfast. This event recognizes top performers in real estate. He is also the patron of Spartakiade – a youth sports development organization.

Tom is also South Auckland real estate agent. He has a deep knowledge of the area and can advise you on all aspects. Get in touch today if you are interested in selling or buying a home.

Charlie Brothers

The Charlie Brothers are known for their professionalism. They have been a popular Manurewa agent for many years. Since mid-2018, the Brothers have been part Ray White Manukau Team and are now among the top Ray White agents in the world.

Charlie has been a resident of South Auckland for close to 30 years. This gives him a lot of local knowledge. He also has extensive expertise as a coach. He was a former New Zealand Tag Team Representative Coach and served as a Board Member at the school where his children were educated. Find out more at:

Charlie is also known to be a unique communicator. Charlie is fluently fluent in four different languages. He also has a deep understanding of New York City, which helps him help international clients. He enjoys playing poker and fishing. He listens every day to motivational speakers. He is also an active member of the local community clubs.

First-homebuyers are getting ready to cash in on the hot real estate market by lining up for the latest removal of the loan/to-value ratio. The market should stay strong with low interest rates. Buyers might need to adjust expectations.

Charlie is a person-person and has a friendly nature. His family has always been important to Charlie, and his two children make up his largest support system. He is always willing do whatever it takes to get the job done. Referrals by satisfied clients are what build his business.

Don Ha

Don Ha is well-known as a real agent guru. He has sold more that a billion dollars worth real estate over his lifetime. He also has extensive experience with project marketing and consulting.

He is also a founder of RE/MAX Revolution as well as the Director of RE/MAX Projects. He has received numerous top real estate awards. Don Ha, who was born in Otara as a refugee from Vietnam, is now a real estate professional. His father owned a bakery and he worked there for 72 hours each week during his early years. He attended Aorere College South Auckland while in school.

Don Ha Real Estate was one successful Auckland real estate firm. It was valued at NZ$60 million prior to the 2008 property boom. It had a weak management system, reporting systems and a weak reporting system. It was placed in receivership.

Don Ha signed a security agreement for a loan with Kiwibank. However, the bank wasn’t aware of Don Ha’s position. The bank then pulled the plug on Don Ha Real Estate in March 2017. The bank’s interim profit plunged dramatically as a result. This meant that the bank’s provision in bad debts increased from NZ$23.5 to NZ$45.5 millions in the previous financial year.

Don Ha has been involved as a designer and builder of residential properties. He also collaborated with a group of talented architects. Sunline Estate was the largest single-level residential development in South Auckland at $80million. He also helped in the identification of ideal investors.


Stan Prasad ranks high among South Auckland’s most recognizable real estate agents. He has more then a decade of real estate industry experience, and his sales success is unmatched. He has an outstanding reputation for his customer service dedication and excellent communication skills. Ray White and Manurewa have been some of his employers. Prasad not only has vast real estate expertise but also has extensive experience managing his own company. He has received numerous Ray White Premier statuses and has been ranked in the top 5% of agents for the company’s national sales.

Stan Prasad’s greatest asset is his willingness, and in many cases, his willingness to share his knowledge. He regularly donates to non-profit organizations in his area and is passionate about helping children from low income families. He has been volunteering for five year to coach children’s football. He is passionate about helping others and has spent many hours watching his son play soccer.

Stan Prasad’s list of awards is impressive and his sales achievements unmatched. He has worked alongside Ray White and Manurewa. He has earned multiple Premier statuses. In addition, he has been awarded the Ray White coveted “Golden Chain” award. He is well-versed in real estate, has managed his own company for many years, and brings a wealth experience. He is also a member in chief of Ray White Manurewa.


Lawrence’s customers are grateful for his dedication to providing outstanding customer service. He has also been honored with numerous awards at both the national and international levels. His financial expertise is invaluable and he provides innovative solutions to clients. He is also an internationally certified flight attendant. He can also speak Mandarin, English, and Cantonese. He is well-versed on real estate.

Lawrence Dawson is a young and dedicated real estate agent. He acts in the clients’ best interests. His team and he work hard to provide outstanding customer service. They also tailor strategies to meet each client’s specific needs. They employ many marketing methods, and have a qualified buyer network to ensure the best possible results.

Lawrence Thompson has many years of experience in residential as well as commercial sales. He is well-connected with Chinese people and has a strong work ethic. He has a huge database of clients who are happy to refer their family and friends. He is well-versed in the industry, and is determined to provide superior customer services. He is also passionate about real-estate.

Monty Dsor

Monty Dsor’s dedication to his clients and his high-quality service are what make him stand out amongst South Auckland’s numerous real estate agents. Monty, an Indian-born immigrant, arrived in New Zealand three years ago. His commitment to his clients, high-quality customer service, and loyalty have made him a local favorite. Monty has been able to create a niche within the realty business by making the right connections.

Monty is well-known for his excellent service and knowledge in South Auckland realty. Monty has been honored by his peers with a lot of praises. He is also Ray White’s top regional real estate agent. Monty Dsor proved that hardwork and a positive attitude are enough to get the job accomplished. Monty Dsor has been a great asset to Ray White. He is one among three agents who have been granted the top agency title. Monty also earned a spot on Ray White’s elite Ray White club. This is reserved for the very best agents in the company.

Monty Dsor is the most recognizable of all South Auckland Real Estate agents. His dedication to her clients and his high-quality service have made him a popular choice among locals.