Progressive bets: some tips on Caribbean stud poker

Before starting a progressive bet check what has a large bankroll.

To progressively bet on the Caribbean poker game it is essential that you have a large accumulated jackpot value; otherwise, it is preferable that you do not participate in this type of casino game.

If your Jackpot is significantly big, bet progressively.

To avoid ending up bankrupt some experts claim that 1 progressive bet is accumulating, which is why making an additional bet Jackpot will only be made if the pot is significantly larger.

Check payments in each hand

As it is well known that most of the games are based on chance and Caribbean Stud Poker is part of one of them, it will obviously be very difficult to predict what the cards will be when playing a hand. The most significant thing is that you have knowledge of how much is the payment of the hand you acquired in order to know how much you can earn. In the event that you have made a 1 dollar bet in a secondary way and have acquired a Royal flush, you will be able to win the full progressive jackpot, but if you did not place the bet, the payment will be 100 to 1.

When starting the game check the payment table established for Caribbean Stud Poker, this is usually published so you can see previously what are the amounts corresponding to the payments in case your hand is a winner.

Caribbean Sud Poker and the advantage of the house

You should always remember that in the casino the house has the greatest advantage in all of its games, so when you choose a game, you must be clear about the mathematical advantage that the house can have over the bets you make, as well as the Casino will have greater advantages depending on the time you are playing. You simply must define in comparison with your original bet the amount of money you will lose in the game.

Gambling keeps an advantage in the house, which can be described as falling between 0 and 5 percent. Especially when it comes to those, such as Baccarat, Blackjack, and others that are mostly board games. Here lies one of the main differences with the Caribbean Stud Poker game, since the house advantage in this game is much higher because it oscillates between 5.22%. This may reflect how much you expect to gain by playing in the Caribbean Stud Poker game; evaluate your decision well by participating in this game.

Common mistakes when playing Caribbean Stud Poker

Knowing previously some situations or mistakes that many players have made in the past by immersing themselves in the Caribbean Stud Poker game, will help you to establish your game techniques and have better strategies when playing it,it is not only about knowing the rules, terms, and conditions of this game but also to be able to review what are the most common mistakes that players make when betting on Caribbean Stud Poker, here are some of them

Random bets

It is extremely important that you evaluate well before making your bets and be able to know the weaknesses and strengths you have before betting since it is a mistake that many players commonly commit and is to bet randomly and without analyzing the pros and cons of the play. Remember that the idea is to have fun and of course also to win.

Low couple

In many cases for a newbie, it is unavoidable to make this mistake, since he might think he will lose if he has a pair of cards with less than 5, and feel intimidated by this situation. But, the reality is that you will only win 44 percent of the time when the dealer’s hand is an Ace and a King. In short, you have the opportunity to beat the dealer by approximately 50 percent. In this case, the best decision will be not to withdraw and present your cards, so you will be guaranteed to play and not lose your initial bet.


In the case of the Caribbean Stud Poker game, it is important that you know that this game does not have any type of bluff, and this is one of the main differences with the classic poker game. It is very important that you know that in the classic game of poker you play against other players and in the game of Caribbean Stud Poker you play against the house, which is why it is unnecessary to have bluffs, avoid making this mistake and make sure you do not exist during the game.

Playing a hand consisting of a Queen and an Ace

In the event that you have a hand where you have a card from the queen and an ace, only the play may be valuable when the dealer does not qualify that hand. In this sense, this move will only have greater value when you have more experience in the game of Caribbean stud poker and can identify the value of the bet that corresponds to it.

Not implementing a strategy of Caribbean Stud Poker

Having a strategy to play and comply with the rules of Caribbean Stud Poker that have been explained so far can help you accumulate more money, however, the house, in turn, will also benefit in large numbers, so the fact that you have a strategy does not guarantee that you win the game, remember that you are playing against the house and you will always have the best chance of winning.

Learn the rules of Caribbean Stud Poker when playing for real money

The rules of the game of Caribbean Stud Poker are really very easy to assimilate, the variant with respect to the Classic Poker is 5 cards, for this reason, you can entertain for quite some time with this game in the online casino. The payments that are implemented in this game are highly generous, and the strategy is very simple. In the same way when making a side bet the game can generate gains in progressive Jackpot. To avoid the fears involved in losing your money and if you still do not feel ready to bet real money, it is suggested that you can use it to know the game and at the same time become familiar with the free version of Caribbean Stud Poker. So you can prepare enough so that once you have the necessary security you can enter the internet, choose a casino, get your online casino bonus and play Caribbean Stud Poker.